Laboratory Installation

Take away the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors, choose Unlimited, Inc. to provide a complete installation solution.

Today's laboratories are designed to provide scientists with a functional, flexible, and safe space. Ideally, lab furniture should be functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

We are familiar with most all Laboratory Fabricators' products for your new build or refurbished laboratory projects and offer a total installation service of furniture, casework, countertops and fume hoods with varied accessories and fixtures such as lighting, storage shelves and racks.

There is such a wide variety of laboratory furniture available that modern labs can easily be fabricated and customized to suit your specific needs with our capable team of installers completing the final stage of your project.

Since laboratory furniture can be manufactured to your specifications and shipped directly, Unlimited, Inc. can deliver comprehensive installation services tailored to your individual schedule and requirements.

Unlimited, Inc. provides laboratory installation services in the following areas:

  • Research & Industrial Labs
  • Pharmaceurical & Biotech
  • Government Research and Hospitals
  • College & University Science & Research Labs
  • School Science Labs 
  • Healthcare Laboratories
  • Laboratory Refurbishment
  • Lab Construction Solutions
  • Laboratory Fume Cupboards
  • Walk-in Fume Cupboards
  • Laboratory Worktops
  • Emergency Wash Stations
  • Laboratory Sinks
  • Lab Taps & Fittings
  • Active Desks

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